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We had some bingo fun now its time to hit the bingo slots.

Bingo slot games are definitely one of our favorite games to play while waiting for our bingo game to start or just for fun between the games.

We just love the excitement, the flashy colors and the sweet sound of winning.
We’ve put together an updated list of the best bingo slot machine games online, all of them are user friendly, safe, featuring huge deposing bonuses, free money and lots and lots of none stop actions.

Now all you have to do is decide which bonuses you like the most and let the fun begin.

We cross our fingers and hope you will be the next one to hear the sweet sound of wining the jackpot.


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Do you have a lucky Bingo slot machine game?

Every one of us has they own favorite lucky bingo slot game. Do you have one already?
If you don’t have one yet, just pick one from the list and try out the fun version and when you feel confident enough and you feel the lucky tingling feeling in your fingers, feel free to switch to real money, who knows you can be the next daily big winner.

The rules are very simple, the bonuses are awesome and their so much fun.

Bingo games and bingo slots are just a match made in heaven LOL.