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MeccaBingo is often called the King of UK Bingo because the company is such a big supporter of the game both online and offline. Mecca bingo online has an “old school” approach to bingo and we mean it in a good way. If you like playing in real bingo hall you must try out Mecca Bingo online as it is as close to the offline experience as you can get. As you would expect from the leading provider of bingo in the United Kingdom, MeccaBingo is giving every new player who joins a royal treatment with a FREE £50 welcome bonus, a 100% cash match on your first deposit and 50% cash match bonus on every reload. With such a long tradition and a promising name you know that you are up for loads of fun and top quality entertainment.

Mecca Bingo is also top notch when it comes to beautiful graphics and highly competent functionality. Everything you need to know on MeccaBingo is always just a click away. The MeccaBingo site also offers you a variety of bonus codes that are clearly visible next to the display of your cash balance.

Mecca Bingo online is a super friendly and fun place to play your favorite bingo games. You can easily chat with your online bingo friends at the Mecca bingo online community and ask questions and share funny stories while playing bingo. You will be entertained on MeccaBingo online by the endless stream of player’s jokes that will come your way. Pay attention to the MeccasBingo chat as you will receive a lot of information about when there is about to be a free MeccaBingo game and lots of bingo supersizes coming your way.

There are also entire days on MeccaBingo that revolve around special MeccaBingo promotions. For instance, on Saturdays the Bingo cards are free, Sundays are Penny Bingo Days and mid-week there is Everyone’s-A-Winner Wednesdays. Prize money is guaranteed for every single game played at MeccaBingo. Every month Mecca bingo online offers you the chance to win such prizes as television sets, DVD players and occasionally MeccaBingo also offers tickets to big concerts in the U.K. so stay tuned , your favorite band can be coming next LOL.

There are lots of exciting side games on MeccaBingo including three awesome progressive slot machines. One of the big favorite on the MeccaBingo site is Clover Rollover. (if you haven’t played it yet, visit the site now and give a try, this game is so much fun ). These MeccaBingo games offer you free spins and a chance to win huge jackpot each time you spin the wheel.

Yet another great thing about Mecca bingo online is that sometimes they offer entire days of free bingo games in addition to the free MeccaBingo games they already offer. To take advantage of these free games and FREE £50 welcome bonus, go ahead and register now at Mecca bingo online.